Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday - Final Rehearsal

Hi All,

So we're off. The last rehearsal before the show at MAC tonight. The show should be on as I upload this post.

Everything looks so different once it's lit properly and it's in the theatre space. It all looked great and there are some very funny moments. Good luck to the evening with Mike Spilligan and all who sail in her.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out, supported, taken part and made the show happen. It's a wonderful thing. Here's to the next one.

P & L


Thursday, 24 July 2014

The day before...

Hiya guys,

OK. First off, Elvis is alive and kicking and somewhere in Fox Hollies. Let us know if you spot him.

In an attempt to be arty, I've tried to do some motion shots today. This morning's run through was the one that lets us know whether or not it's going to work and how much panic is needed before tomorrow. There were a lot of chickens, some adverts (should have gone to SpecSavers) and some surreal comedy moments. Or was it momentous comedic surreality?

Make your own mind up.

The show is at MAC tomorrow evening at 7pm. If you want to go and haven't already ordered tickets, please contact Teresa Fadden yesterday!

P & L